GAP Cover

The medical aid industry today is very complex, and if you do not understand the plan that you are on, you might be stuck with various co-payments and in-hospital shortfalls as a result. Your normal Medical Aid plan is not enough anymore.

You medical aid is only paying a certain Percentage of the scheme’s rate for in-Hospital events.The percentages vary from plan to plan and start at 100% and most schemes end at 300%. So where does this leave you?

If you go into Hospital for a procedure and you specialist

charges 350% of the medical aid rate and you are on a plan that only covers 100%, then you will be liable for the shortfall.

As a result of this, you are exposed to huge risks for in-Hospital events, and hence we offering you a Gap cover product from as little as R79 per family per month.
This is compatible with all Medical Aid options

Various options are available and range from:
  • Gap Cover up to 500%
  • In-Hospital co-payment cover

  • In-Hospital sub limit enhancer
  • International Travel Cover
  • Cancer Benefit
There is no additional cost to you as member for us being involved as the Broker.

For more information or if you would like a free comparison or quote, send us an email at: medicalaid@davepohl.co.za.