Corporate Health Insurance

The market environment today, requires for your Human capital to be at their utmost best. This allows for the company to create relationships with the client, and in return generate revenue.

As we all know, keeping the Human Capital happy in order to be efficient can be a daunting task, however your medical aid can assist you in building an empire of wealth.

We can offer employees in your organisation a host of medical aid options, as well as supplementary products at an affordable rate. This will keep them healthy and at work.

The biggest problem currently in the industry is that staff has no idea on how the plans change from year to year.

We offer the following service to our corporate clients:
  • Initial Needs Analysis to buy into the right plan
  • Education on the plan, How it works and how to claim
  • Quarterly education sessions on various topics - ex. Chronic, Hospital Authorisations, etc.
  • Submission of claims
  • Year-end meeting with corporate management to discuss the wellbeing of the staff and the current

medical aid.
  • Year-End training to staff, training on the new plans
  • Option change assistance to staff
  • Wellness days (subject to approval)
There is no additional cost to you as corporate group for us being involved as the Broker.

If you are a corporate and you would like a comparison or a quote or any advice on how to register as a corporate scheme, please feel free to contact us on medicalaid@davepohl.co.za